Nak’d bars :-)

This mornings snack time consisted of these little beauties. We’ve only just discovered these Nak’d bars but the children adore them. Dairy-free, gluten-free and delicious. Grab a bargain and buy them in bulk at Costco to get them at the best price!


Since starting on this journey I have discovered two fridge essentials! Especially for any dairy-free darlings such as my own. I needed a milk and butter alternative. Here they are…Alpro Soya milk and Pure Dairy-free sunflower spread. Perfect substitutions.

Sweet treats

Sampled these little delights today. Found in our local Morrisons supermarket. Made with Belgian chocolate and dairy-free. Absolutely delicious! I will definitely be looking out for more Lazy Day Food items

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! Ensuring my dairy-free darlings don’t miss out on any choccie treats this Easter with a whole range of dairy-free treats. Thanks to Holland & Barrett for their eggs and to Asda for a slowly growing range of dairy-free treats!    

Chocolate Brownies

I don’t like thinking that my children miss out because they no longer are able to eat dairy. So this afternoon we made our very own “Gooey Chocolate Brownies”. I’ll add some vanilla essence I think. Gorgeous though, and of course, all dairy-free! Made with Pure Dairy Free Sunflower Spread.

Spaghetti Bolognaise

Bolognaise with carrotti & courgette this evening. Briefly steamed so nice and crunchy! Our little darlings loved it. Lack of time meant I used a jar but Sacla do an awesome dairy free/gluten free/wheat free one. Delicious and healthy.

Hello world!

Hello & welcome to my blog! My first post! I’m a mum to three little darlings who have “issues” with dairy. So now we are journeying into the world of dairy-free nutrition! I thought it might be useful to post about items we fin that are dairy-free whilst out and about and any new recipes […]